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📆 25 Jun 2022
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As the quote goes, Be your motivator! Here are some Self-Motivation Worksheets to help you go through it all.

Summary: Self-motivation is how someone encourages themselves to do something without others' validation. Self-motivation has proven as an effective way for someone to be more productive and do well in their study or work. Students need to manage self-motivation because it will improve their effectiveness in learning.

What is Self-Motivation?

Nowadays, the phrase self-motivation is not strange to our ears or eyes. We find that phrase almost everywhere, in books, movies, television, and more. Many big media also started to use this phrase on their screen and in papers. So, what is the meaning of this famous and —based on some people a strong phrase?

Self-motivation is a desire inside someone that will drive them to keep moving forward despite all the challenges they face. Shantakumary stated that people with a high level of self-motivation do not need external support from others. This mindset will make someone go fearlessly towards their goal and focus only on how to reach them. People with solid self-motivated always search for new challenges and something new to improve their skills and abilities.

How to Start Self-Motivation?

Starting self-motivation is not easy. There are so many external factors that are most likely to discourage us. Here are some ways to a self-motivations:

  • Write your goal on the calendar. You can do this manually on the paper calendar or digitally on your phone and computer calendar.
  • Make progress every day and turn it into a habit.
  • Set a small goal to expect momentum.
  • Always record your progress.
  • Reward yourself for appreciating small wins.
  • Welcome the positive peer pressure you receive.
  • Familiarize yourself with gratitude towards everything.
  • Do some mood-lifting activities.
  • Change your environment to be more vibrant.
  • Remember the reason why you start this when you feel discouraged.

How to Improve Students' Motivation?

Motivation for students is something that both parents and teachers cannot neglect. Well-motivated students will make excellent students since they got the inner desire to learn and improve themselves. That is because the student's motivation to master the lesson was beyond the assignment itself. However, not many students have high self-motivations in school. Most of them drove by the parents' ambitions, teachers' expectations, and the educational curriculum. Here are four strategies to kindle students' motivation based on research:

  • Choice: Some experts believe letting students choose will make them more curious about the lesson. Curiosity will lead the students to be more active and enjoy the lesson they learned.
  • Challenge: We shall convince our students that challenges are not a burden. Set them to understand that challenges are needed for someone to be able to move forwards and reach higher positions. Giving challenges to the students will open them to a new ability they never knew before. The students can use the Self-Motivation Worksheets as the challenge.
  • Collaboration: Another name for collaboration is group work or group discussion. Collaborating will give the students chance to learn from each other. By doing group work, students also learn about critical thinking, giving opinions and feedback, and respecting differences.
  • Control: You can let your students take over the classroom sometimes. The teacher can supervise them from the back of the class and take some notes to tell later. By making the students the controller, they will be more engaged in the lesson, receptive towards the given instructions, honest about their results, better at managing their skills, embracing their mistakes, and welcoming their failures.

Is Self-Motivation Important?

No one should disregard self-motivation. Self-motivation is one of the keys to a successful life and the way to a better self. It will help you toward the goal you want to achieve. Self-motivation is also a good aid for solving problems and working with challenges and opportunities. Self-motivation can help you change old habits and transform you to be a better human being. The power of self-motivation is so great that much research has found that self-motivated people can do better and have excellent results in their job.

How to Stay Motivated?

Like many other things, keeping a consistently motivated self is not easy. There are so many internal and external factors that keep bringing us down. So, how to stay motivated? First, you should regularly check the progress of your goals. By checking the progress, you will get reminded not to give up. Second, you can continue to set new goals. Third, find an expert to be your mentor. Fourth, try to surround yourself with people with positive and good energy. Use the Self-Motivation Worksheets to keep yourself motivated.

What Should I do when I Lose Motivation?

As a human, it is normal for us to lose motivation sometimes. It is okay to rest for a bit and lie around without thinking much. However, promise me that you will get up and get a new spirit the next day. After you get your whole self back, you can review your goals and reconsider whether they are realistic for you to achieve. You can also take motivation from people you care about and love. If you feel lost, it is okay. Remember what Dory from Finding Nemo said: "just keep swimming!"

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