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Worksheets about self-esteem offer an organized and reflective method for investigating your inner world and are intended for people who wish to learn more about themselves. These self-awareness activities provide useful tools to aid in self-reflection for anyone, such as a therapist, coach, educator, or just someone interested in self-analysis.

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  1. Self-Esteem Activity Worksheets
  2. Self-Esteem Worksheets for Kids PDF
  3. My Qualities Social Skills Worksheets
  4. Self-Esteem Worksheets
  5. Self-Esteem Printable Activities
  6. Teen Self-Esteem Worksheets
  7. Kids Self-Esteem Worksheets
  8. Positive Self-Esteem Worksheets
  9. Printable Self-Esteem Worksheets
  10. Self-Esteem Worksheets Printable Free
  11. I AM Self-Esteem Activity
  12. Self-Control Worksheets Printable
14 Images of Self -Awareness Activity Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Activity Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Worksheets for Kids PDF
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My Qualities Social Skills Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Printable Activities
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Teen Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Kids Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Positive Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Printable Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Activity Worksheets
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Self-Esteem Worksheets Printable Free
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I AM Self-Esteem Activity
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Printable Self-Esteem Worksheets
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Self-Control Worksheets Printable
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The capacity to examine one's feelings and ideas, recognize one's own behaviors from those of others, and manage one's public persona are all examples of self-awareness.

Why Self-Awareness Matters?

According to Benjamin Basile from Dickinson College, self-awareness is the ability to reflect on one’s emotions and thoughts, distinguish behaviors from others, and how one represents oneself in front of others. Many people believe they own self-awareness; however, not many people have actual self-awareness on their self.

It is one of the oldest topics in philosophy and psychology study. Hence, there are various kinds of self-awareness definitions we know. These scientists and experts have a solid desire to study the self-awareness concept because it is complicated yet life-changing.

Someone with self-awareness can analyze and identify themselves. These people understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize them. Self-awareness will help to perceive things that will boost themselves, such as personality, actions, values, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

In psychology, they said that self-awareness is when someone has themselves as their focus of attention. However, even though self-awareness might sound selfish, it does not mean someone who makes everything about them. It is a positive trait people can use in a particular moment to raise their value and confidence.  

How Many Key Areas of Self-Awareness?

Human has inner self-awareness; however, not everyone knows how to activate it. As human is a complicated creatures, it is tough to understand them most of the time. Understanding ourselves could be harder than understanding others. It is difficult to be more open to ourselves than others because sometimes, admitting our weakness means a lost battle. To build self-awareness, we should develop some key areas within ourselves.

Below are the Key Areas of Self-Awareness based on the article by Wright State University:

  • Personality: To develop self-awareness, we should understand our characters and try to incorporate them to fit any situation. Improve our personalities by learning various values and needs to help ourselves in critical moments.

  • Values: Know your values or principles of life. Understanding them will help you to focus on your goal and intention. It also guides you to separate what is essential and what is not.

  • Habits: Habits are the demeanors we repeat in regular order and often automatically. Human has various habits, and not each of them is positive or productive. Hence we should manage them for maximum use.

  • Needs: Every human has needs, which will help them in achieving and working towards their needs. Esteem, affection, belongingness, achievement, self-actualization, power, and control are some of the human needs.

  • Emotions: The ability to control emotions is essential. It is one of the pillars of emotional intelligence. Controlling emotions also will make you appear more mature and professional. 


Why is Having Self-Awareness Important?

Self-awareness is essential for someone because it will help them to understand and know themselves. It will help them to control themselves and not let anybody have their way on them. Having a solid self-awareness also helps people to identify and analyze the gap or the negative traits in themselves, and it will motivate them to improve their self-quality.

As Humber River Health stated, having self-awareness provides people with the power to influence their outcomes. It will guide people to be able to think logically and become better decision-makers while also improving our confidence. People with solid self-awareness also tend to communicate with clarity and certainty, also understand a situation from various views (empathy).

Developing inner skills, understanding self-strengths and weaknesses, releasing stress, giving motivation, and shaping the leadership self are some benefits of having solid self-awareness.   

What Causes the Lack of Self-Awareness?

Building a solid self-awareness is not easy. It requires a lot of mental preparation and strong persistence. Some studies mentioned that being an individual with self-awareness all the time is not easy. It can drain energy. Besides, it is in human nature to have flaws and biases in their actions or surroundings.

However, some people also naturally lack self-awareness. The cause of this condition is that human is bound to cognitive bias in their minds. This bias could affect how we behave. They will foreshadow our clear, rational, and logical view. Hence, it will make us become negative or lose self-confidence. 

How to Develop Self-Awareness?

Nowadays, many people realize the essence of having solid self-awareness. It helps people to become more confident and productive. However, not many people know how to develop this element. Below are some strategies to develop self-awareness:

  • Identify and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Know your likes, dislikes, and preferences.
  • Reflect on your actions and behaviors.
  • Be mindful of how you talk or talk to other people.
  • Do not be shy to ask for feedback.  

Perceiving oneself in positive aspects of oneself, such as one's behavior, values, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, is made easier with self-awareness. Teachers and educators can make use of the worksheet to help students or young adults for self-improvement. It is important to provide guidance for kids to overcome challenges to reach their future goals.

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