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📆 17 Jul 2022
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Let's get to know the names of the days! Use the Names of Days Worksheet that we have!

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Learning about days is the first step to being a well-organized person, so let's learn about the day with Names of Days Worksheets!

How to Introduce Days to Children?

As adults, the concept of days is simple for us. However, this might be a little bit confusing for the children. Therefore, it is our job to introduce this lesson about days to them. It is best to teach them about the days when they reach three or four years old. It is important to teach them at an early age since many experts are saying that young kids tend to receive information super well. Allen L. R. said that the young learners' mind development is astonishingly competent, active, and very insightful.

Teaching children about days can be quite tricky since some children might not grasp the concept of time yet. So the best way to teach them is through the most traditional learning strategy, memorizing. We can guide our children to memorize the days by keep repeating them over and over. To avoid the lesson becoming boring, we can insert a few fun games in between the memorizing session. After they mastered the days' names, you can follow up by teaching them about weeks, months, and years concepts. In no time, your children will understand the concept of time.

What are Tips in Teaching Days to Young Learners?

As we know that teaching young learners are quite tricky, even for the most simple thing. Even though children can memorize well, they tend to get easily bored over something. Here are some tips to teach days for children:

1. Explain the concept of days in simple terms.

2. Start the day by telling them what day it is today, and what will they do.

3. Slowly, teach them about today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

4. Use the calendar as a learning tool.

5. Play some fun yet effective games related to days.

6. Do not spend too much time learning because it will overwhelm them. It is better to study shortly for around ten to fifteen minutes a day, but regularly.

How to Make A Lesson Plan for Teaching Days?

As a teacher, making a lesson plan is important. It will make the day goes smoothly because there is already a ready plan to do. Here is a lesson plan to teach children about days, curated from the ESL Teaching Community.

1. First, you need to prepare the learning media such as books, posters, songs, videos, and more. You can use our Names of Days Worksheets as the learning media.

2. Prepare the class by doing some simple warm-ups.

3. Trigger the students by asking them what do they know about days?

4. Start teaching them about the day's vocabulary.

5. Play some games related to days like Put the Days in Order and Wall Touch.

6. Sing The Days of the Week song.

7. Read a book or text related to days.

8. Do the practice on Names of Days Worksheets.

9. Ask some students about what they have learned.

10. Wrap up the lesson.

What are the Days of the Week?

Days of the week are a measure of time, and this is important for children to learn. Here are some important points about days that you can teach to your children.

• In total, seven days exist, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

• Each days has an abbreviation which are Mon. ; Tue. ; Wed. ; Thu. ; Fri. ; Sat. ; and Sun.

• Each day also has plural forms which are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Why We Should Teach About Days to Children?

Teaching about the concept of days is crucial for children. It will prepare them to be aware of the concept of time in the future. Learning about days can also help them to know and understand how to organize their daily activities. Knowing about days will also teach them about anticipating upcoming events like school festivals or family holidays. Later, the children will also understand that there are days when people are busy with works and school (weekdays) and days when people are resting and relaxing (weekends). The information and knowledge about days, will also prepare them to appreciate the times given, and use them wisely. They will understand how important it is to divide the time to study, play, sleep, go to school and more. You can introduce the concept of days by using the Names of Days Worksheets.

What is the History of Days?

Besides teaching the children about the basic knowledge of days, teaching them about the history of days can also be important and fun. Based on Britannica, The Babylonians named the days of the week after the five planets known to them, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn also based on the Sun and Moon. Each name of the day is based on many things. The name of Monday comes from the Latin word lunae which means moon's day. Tuesday comes from Norse mythology God's name Tyr which means Tiw's Day. Wednesday comes from the Old English word Wōdnesdæg which means the day of Odin. Thursday is also based on Norse God Thor which means Thor's Day. Friday is based on the Norse Goddess name Frigg which means the day of Frigg. Saturday is named after the planet Saturn. And lastly, Sunday is named after the Sun.

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