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📆 19 Jun 2022
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Wanna know more about Drug and Substance? Use our Drug and Substance Abuse Worksheets here.

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Drug Addiction Recovery Worksheets
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MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Printables
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MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Printables
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MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Printables
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MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Printables
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Protect your children from dangerous drugs through these Drug and Substance Abuse Worksheets!

What is The Meaning of Drugs and Substance Abuse?

We all are aware of the danger that lingers along with drugs. To the point, we are all familiar with drugs and substance abuse. Dr Ananya Mandal explains the definition of drugs and substance abuse as, the use of certain chemicals to make the consumers feel a thrill and excitement effects on their brains. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and more substance are also included as drugs. Currently, the number of drug consumers in the world keeps increasing at threatening rates, especially among people under 30. This might be not so surprising since the pressure of the 20s ages or usually known as the mid-life quarter crisis is so immense. Some unlucky people may run to the drugs as their getaway, even though they know what the devil that those pills bring. This is why we need to make a prevention act, by protecting and taking care of everyone around us. Explore more about this topic with our Drug and Substance Abuse Worksheet.

Why is Drug Dangerous?

Drugs and substance addiction might start with something experimental, such as trying to escape from some problems in real life or because of persuasion from other friends. A few people might stop after the first try, but many were trapped and started to consume it regularly. This is what will end up as drug addiction. The peril of drug addiction varies based on the drug. Drugs like opioid painkillers usually have greater risk and may trigger addiction more quickly than other varieties of drugs.

The Department of Health and Aged Care of the Australian Government stated the danger of drugs and substance use, as long-term and frequent use of drugs may have many deadly effects that can harm the consumers so badly, including death. Frequent use of the drug the opened door towards drug addiction. And once someone went into that dark place, it is not easy to get them out. Drugs use not only harm the consumers' life, but also other people they love. Through our Drugs and Substance Abuse Worksheets, you can learn more about the dangerous effects of drug addiction.

What are The Effects of Drugs and Substance Abuse?

Here are some negative effects that drugs can cause:

• Mental Health Problem
The excessive use of drugs will cause consumers to suffer from mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression.
• Financial Issue
To be able to consume drugs, people need to purchase that. And let me tell you, it is not cheap. Some drugs can be so expensive. And if someone suffers from drug addiction, they will need to purchase them over and over leading them to serious financial issues.
• Relationship
Becoming a drug addict will likely ruin someone's relationship since the drugs will affect the consumers' behaviours.
• Physical Health Issues
Excessive use of drugs will reduce the consumers' physical health and strength.

What are The Symptoms of Drugs Addiction?

We can detect the symptoms of drugs addiction, among others:

1. They feel the need to consume the drugs frequently.
2. They have the urge to consume a drug that can block other thoughts.
3. They need more drugs than usual to get the same effect they usually get.
4. Always make sure that they have a supply or stock of the drugs.
5. Losing their common sense to get the drug they want.
6. Attempting a risky activity while they are under the influence of drugs.
7. Stopped going to work or attending social gatherings with their friends and family.

What are The Types of Drugs?

Mainly there are three types of dangerous stimulants, depressants, and, hallucinogens. Stimulants are drugs that will speed up messages that travel between the brain and body. Caffeine, nicotine, and cocaine are an example of stimulants. This type of drug will resulting anxiety, panic, stomach cramps, and more. Depressants are drugs that lowering arousal and stimulation. Depressants affected the central nervous system and slow down the message between the brain and body. These drugs will slow down the consumers' concentration, coordination, and ability to respond to an unexpected situation. Lastly, hallucinogens are drugs that will alter someone's awareness of their surroundings as well as their thoughts and feelings.

How to Stop Drug Addiction?

To stop or to treat drug addiction, not only the addict who needs to go to the battlefield but the support from people around them like families and friends are also needed. Here are some suggested programs to handle drugs addiction:

1. Residential Treatment
This treatment involves living at a place away from home and families while getting intensive undergoing treatment. This treatment can be finished in days to months.
2. Outpatient Treatment
These programs are usually scheduled around the patient's work or school.
3. Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization
This program is for those who need ongoing and intensive medical monitoring, but still want to stay at home surrounded by their loved ones.
4. Sober Living Communities
This program will set the patients to live in a community consisting of the same recovering addicts. Sober living communities are useful for people with nowhere to go and someone to lean on. They can support and encourage each other in this community.



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