Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

📆 26 Sep 2022
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Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheets are designed to help children practice their reading skills. The worksheets ask children to read headings and sentences, and then complete puzzles or activities that help with comprehension. The reading worksheets are available in both American and British English.

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Free Printable Winter Worksheets
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Winter is coming meaning the holiday is coming!!! Warm your holidays with these fun Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheets!

What are The Best Activities for Kids During Winter?

Winter is one of the most anticipated holidays for children, especially because Christmas and New Year's Eve are around the corner. Holiday means no school and no homework, so you will find your children mostly spend their time in their room with their gadgets. Of course, it is fine to take a rest, but it is also okay to make use of time wisely. A little learning activity won't hurt, right? Parents can use our Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheets to fill their holidays with their children. Your children will be learning about reading, writing, simple maths, and even crafts. 

How to Improve Children's English Vocabulary?

Improving vocabularies are one of the famous learning activities that parents can teach at home. Improving vocabulary regularly is so important because being rich in vocabulary means that you will understand the text your read better. It will also be improving their effectiveness in reading since they can read the text relatively faster if their vocabularies bank is full. The research found that kids who learn and think uniquely often do well at reading comprehension when they spend more time learning, practising, and understanding words.

Here are six tips that parents can do while they teach vocabulary:

1. Parents can describe the description or meaning of each word that was taught.
2. Ask the children to express or define the words they have learned.
3. If possible, parents can act the word out, and ask the children to follow or to make an action.
4. To spice the activity up, you and your children can do a mini art class by drawing what represents the word you learned. You can let the children pick their media such as crayons, coloured pencils, or watercolours.
5. Ask your children to analyze prefixes, suffixes, and root words.
6. You can instruct your children to write a story using some list words.
7. Use our winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheet for many kinds of activities to do during the holiday

How to Teach Mathematics to Children?

Teaching math can be done by parents even before the children start formal school. As Camilla et. al. said in their paper, this knowledge (math) is really important for future research and the development of educational practice. Mathematical education for young learners is a field full of studies and exercises which aim to provide the children's experiences and to develop their mathematical skills and abilities. Some key-math skills that children can learn are number sense, representation, spatial sense, measurement, estimation, patterns, and problem, solving. All those skills can be learned through our Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheets! Meanwhile, the activities that you and your children can do are, shape-up, count and sort, graphing games, playground math, pattern play, tunnel time, and big blocks.

How to Improve Children's Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is someone's skill to read and understand the meaning and make sense of what they read. It is a known fact that not many children love to read. However, to improve and prepare them for formal school, the children need to be able to read fluently. Oxford offered 12 strategies that can be used by parents to improve their children's reading comprehension.

1. Find a book or reading material with a topic that the children like.
2. Try to do a read-aloud method.
3. Swiftly skimming the headings of a book or the text.
4. Re-reading parts that confusing for the children.
5. Use a ruler, stick, pencil, or finger to follow along.
6. Taking notes of words or phrases that they do not understand.
7. Discuss and review the story that your children just finished reading.
8. Ask the children to summarize what they just read.
9. Write questions related to the text or the book.
10. Use different formats.
11. Identify what part or what word that difficult to understand by your children.
12. Get a reading tutor if it is needed.

What are the Benefits of Coloring for Children?

Colouring may be one of the most classic children's favourite activities, yet this activity has so many benefits in it. Colouring can establish the students' cognitive skills, creative abilities, and stable mental health. Here are some benefits of colouring for children:

• Practicing good handwriting.
• Boosting focus and hand-eye coordination.
• Practicing patience, relaxation, and improving self-confidence.
• Enhancing boundaries, structures, shape, colour, and spatial awareness.
• Aim for better motor skills.

How to Teach Sight Words to Children?

Sight words are words that frequently show up in the text we read. The students are expected to recognize them immediately, meaning that they need to be familiar with the sight words. By mastering sight words, their reading comprehension will be improved rapidly. Sight words can be taught even when children enter a preschool and even parents can be taught them at home. Parents can try to find the learning material online, like our Winter Kindergarten Reading Worksheet which is perfect to learn during the winter holidays. Parents and children can spend their quality time with a piece of a worksheet and a glass of hot chocolate over the fireplace. Perfect winter!

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