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Trust is an essential aspect of relationships, both personal and professional. To help reinforce this concept and cultivate a deeper understanding of trust, printable worksheets can serve as valuable tools. As a versatile medium, these worksheets can help many people for various reasons and objectives. It helps in trust building activities, trust exercises, fixing trust issues in relationships, and even building trust in a workplace. It also recommended strengthening trust for young children, whether you are a teacher looking for engaging materials to use in the classroom or a parent seeking educational resources for your child at home, these worksheets provide an opportunity to dive into the subject of trust and its importance in our lives.

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Angry Birds Anger Management Worksheets
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Anxiety and Worry Worksheets
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Josephs Coat of Many Colors Template
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Trust God Puzzles Worksheets
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Bible Printables Hidden Objects Puzzle
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Printable Number Worksheets 1 100
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41 Weeks of Phonics Worksheets
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Family Financial Planning Worksheet
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Obey God Coloring Page
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Snowy Owl Coloring Pages
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Moses and the Passover Coloring Pages
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Psalm 119 11 Coloring Page
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Religious Prayer Coloring Pages
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Macaroni Boy Worksheets
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Shel Silverstein Poem Hug O War
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Frog and Toad Are Friends Worksheets
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Learn more about trust with these Printable Worksheets on Trust!

Summary: Trust is an essential fundamental in our life because everything we are revolves around it. The definition of trust is to believe that someone is good, honest, and will not bring any harm to you or that something is safe and reliable. There are three drivers of trust, authenticity, logic, and empathy. Trust is not only about the relationship between people but also about humans to God. Parents should teach and ensure their children's understanding of faith in God is correct.

What is Trust?

Trust is an essential fundamental in our life. Everything we do in our daily lives revolves around the gravity of trust. It is the foundation of our social exchange with everybody else. Even the simplest thing, like making a conversation, or the most sacred event, like marriage, requires at least an ounce of trust. We need to know how to build a personality that makes people trust us and how to put our faith in the right person. Here is the definition of trust by Cambridge Dictionary, trust is to believe that someone is good, honest, and will not bring any harm to you, or that something is safe and reliable.

What is the Trust Triangle?

There are three drivers of trust: authenticity, logic, and empathy. Authenticity is how people trust you when they are sure they know your genuine self of you. Logic is when people accept your competency and the way you think. Meanwhile, empathy is when people believe that you care for them. We can analyze the cause of broken trust by tracking these three drivers. It will be effective if we learn how to handle and master these three drivers to make someone trust us. You can learn more about trust with our Printable Worksheets on Trust from our page.

What are the Qualities to Build Trust?

We should be careful about how and to whom to put our trust. There are some qualities that we need to analyze before we settle our faith. When one of the qualities decreases, our belief will also drop. Below are the qualities aspects of trust:

  1.  The reliability and dependability of someone can affect people around them whether to put their trust in them or not.
  2. Someone needs to be transparent, especially if it relates to other necessities.
  3. Be a person full of competencies to make others put faith in you.
  4. Be a sincere, authentic, and congruent person for others.
  5. Develop a fair mentality.
  6. Show your openness and vulnerability.

How to Teach Children to Trust God?

Trusting God is essential for our life since it will guide and guard our hearts to always walk in His light. Teaching the children to put their faith in God might be challenging, but it will be worth all the hustles. Parents can start by looking up a verse in the Bible about trusting God, and together with the children, you can learn and understand it together. This activity will not only teach them about God but also improve their critical thinking and strengthen the bonds between parents and children. Next, you can engage in small talk about God with the children. Ensure the topic is easy to follow by the children. Ask your children to do a prayer together and remind your children to ask for His wisdom and guidance. Learning to strengthen our faith might take a long time, but we need to help and guide our children to understand that when we trust God, everything in our life will be fine because He always has the best plan for us. Utilize daily events as the learning media to show children His wisdom because it will be simple and easy to understand by them. Use the Printable Worksheets on Trust to teach your children at home.

Why do We Need to Trust in God?

It is not strange when children ask about many things from their parents. 'Why is the sky blue?', 'Why do we need to eat?', 'Why bird can fly?' and more questions. Some of the questions might be simple and funny questions, but sometimes they might surprise you with a deep and serious question. Have your children ever asked, 'Why do we need to pray?' It is a crucial question because, as parents, we need to answer this correctly to give them a foundation for their religious journey. When answering these types of questions, you should ensure that the answers are simple and easy to understand for the children. Here are some answers that you can use for your children:

  1. God gives us everything to make our life good.
  2. He always has a bigger and perfect plan for us.
  3. No one in this world that we can trust as we trust God.
  4. He would never leave and betray us as other people do.
  5. God will always love us, and no matter how far we go, he will always welcome us back.

What are Activities to Strengthen Our Trust in God?

Here are many ways to build our trust and faith in God. Here are some recommended activities that you can do:

  1. Always remember God's faithfulness.
  2. Make a journal of prayer and praises to Him.
  3. Celebrate God's promises.
  4. Trust God's plans for us.
  5. Make time to listen to His guidance.
  6. Ask Him to increase your faith.
  7. Set a time to read and understand His words.
  8. Put your full trust and faith in Him.
  9. Let Him heal your pain and erase your sadness.




Building trust is important for every human relationship. Whether it is between friends, colleagues, lovers, families, and more. Through the printable worksheets on trust, we can manage trust building activities to enhance this element to strengthen the quality and bonds of our relationship. These worksheets can help to build a strong connection of trust and communication, trust and honesty, as well as trust and self-confidence. Hence, having a development in managing our trust will help us in managing our personal development.

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