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📆 7 Aug 2022
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Our Personality Styles Assessment Worksheet is sufficient to teach your students to recognize personality.

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Understand the personality styles to adapt to your reality with these Personality Styles Assessment Worksheets!

Summary: Personality is the collection of our emotional and behavioural spirits that will form our characters. Managing and controlling our personality is essential to adapt ourselves to reality. Understanding others' personalities is also a necessity because we will know how to deal with them and avoid conflicts.

What is The Relation Between Emotional Intelligence and Personality Styles?

Acquiring Emotional Intelligence (EI) is essential to manage an excellent job in your work or school. Emotional Intelligence is the capability to know and manage your emotions and how to deal with other person's emotions. Mastering EI is the key to having a solid personal style. The deeper you understand your personality styles and how you deal with others' personalities, will lead you into a successful life.

Personality is the collection of emotional and behavioural spirits that form someone's character. In a more simple definition, personality is how you show yourself to the world. Many things can affect someone's personality, such as genetics, culture, environment, and experiences. People have various ways of thinking, acting, observing, feeling, and reacting towards something. When you recognize and understand this fact, it will be easier for you to deal with them.

What are The Four Types of Personality Styles?

Mainly there are four types of personality styles, the analytical personality, the amiable personality, the driver personality, and the expressive personality. As a reminder, humans are complicated creatures. Even though someone has a prevalent personality, their whole personalities are a mixture of the other personality types. The environment around them also influences how is someone's personality. Let's dig into the details of each personality style!

  1. A person with Analytical Personality is someone who consistently analyses and questions something around them. This person is determined to always know as many things as possible to make them feel content and sure.
  2. The Amiable Personality person usually carries calm and serene vibes around them. They are careful in whatever they are doing in order not to make others upset. When discussing some matters with others, an Amiable Personality person is a passive participant who usually agrees with whatever the decisions are.
  3. Someone who has the Driver Personality is a solid person. They are not easy to waver and can look very dominant towards others. Sometimes, they do not care about how their action can affect others as long as they reach their goals.
  4. An Expressive Personality person, also known as a natural person, is the type of person who loves socializing. They have the ambition to always excite people around them with their stories or actions.

What Are The Research Findings about The Four Personality Styles?

Many researchers have done various studies about the four personality styles; here are some of the primary findings:

  • Genetics, environment, and context are what form someone's personality.
  • All types are equal, and no specific type is better than others.
  • Even though we all have dominant personality styles, our personality is a mixture of other personalities.
  • It takes less energy to act from the personality style we prefer rather than the personalities we use less often.
  • The clash that happens in our life is because of different values from each personality style around us.

How Does Personality Affect Interaction Between People?

As a social living, interacting with others is part of our daily life. Our personality can affect how we interact with other people. What is interaction? Interaction is a situation that involves you with another person. Interaction is a form of socializing in school, workplace, home and more. There is a person who is comfortable hanging around in a new and unfamiliar place, while others prefer their comfort zone. In some cases, you can feel out of place while talking to someone because you do not have chemistry with that person. You could recognize how personality affects how someone interacts by observing them. Learn more about how to control your personality by using our Personality Styles Assessment Worksheets.

How to Pass A Personality Test?

There are many types of personality tests we can encounter. You can either go to a professional expert like a psychologist or do it for free on the internet. Some people are worried when they take this personality test; are you one of them? Worry not, because we will give you some tips and tricks!

  1. Answer all the questions honestly.
  2. Avoid giving too many similar answers.
  3. Understand the goal of the personality test. Is it for job recruitment? For school? or For personal use?
  4. Take a practice test to prepare yourself. You can use the worksheets from our Personality Styles Assessment Worksheets to practice.
  5. Keep calm, and do not rush yourself.
  6. Prepare yourself to answer questions that require your honesty and integrity.

What are The Benefits of Understanding The Personality Styles?

Knowing and understanding personality is not only necessary for professional experts. We can also learn about them since it is beneficial for our daily life. By understanding personality styles, we can control our actions and how to respond to others. This act will help to avoid conflicts that can happen. Since there are many kinds of personality styles, we can also learn and appreciate how the differences can work beautifully and produce successful work.

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