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📆 13 Apr 2022
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You need to get to know about food pyramid to know gain more healthier food each day! Teach your student to know more about it.

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Food Groups Worksheets
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Food Groups Worksheets
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Food Groups Pyramid Worksheets
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Food Groups Pyramid Worksheets
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Food Groups Worksheets
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Food Groups Worksheets
Pin It!   Food Groups Worksheets

Make your meal planning more nutritionally balanced with these 15 5 Food Groups Worksheets!

Summary: Food Group is the right way to go if someone wants healthy diet management. It is easy to do, and all the food served is full of guaranteed nutrition. A well-managed meal is the key to a happy and prosperous life.

What are 5 Food Groups?

Food grouping is one of the methods to cluster many kinds of meals into smaller groups with the same kind of nutrition. Famously, five different food groups existed, which are fruit, dairy, protein, grains, and vegetables. For example, we could put bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes into the fruit group. Cheese, milk, and yogurt can be associated with dairy products. Meat, eggs, and fish are in the protein category. Some foods in the grains group are bread, pasta, rice, and cereal. Lastly, on vegetables, we could include spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and even potato. It is recommended to put all five kinds of the mentioned foods on our plates. This way, our nutritional needs would be fully completed. 

Why We Should Make Food Groups?

Making a food group is one of the simplest and most recommended ways to manage our diet plan. We will be rather focusing on our food intake, rather than our nutrition intake. To make it easy to understand here is an example, it will be easier when we are being told to eat an exact amount of food, rather than an exact amount of nutrients. Grafenauer et al. supported this opinion by saying that, recent research suggests food intake patterns to manage a diet-health relationship.
Managing and controlling what we eat and what we consume daily, is one of our way to thank what is given to us. You could also plan your food grouping for your family easily, by using some help from Food Group Worksheets.

Introducing 5 Food Groups to Children

It is a notorious fact that children are super picky when it comes to food. Most of the time, they would only choose to eat their favorite meal. This is in fact, a universal parent concern around the world. As a solution, we could use the food group method to start introducing a balanced meal to children. First, let them know that there are many varieties of food in this world. Then, you could start teaching them about the five different groups of food (grain, protein, dairy, fruit, and vegetable). Use the 5 Food Group Worksheet so the children got interested and hooked up by the colorful illustrations.
How to Arrange A Balance Diet?

When we manage our meals, we should not just consider the nutrition intake, but the meal also needs to be a balanced diet called My Plate. What is My Plate? As explained by Snjezana et al., My Plate is a new suggested guide to balance meals by the dietitian. People are recommended to divide their plate into four sections grain, protein, fruit, and vegetable. In addition, to complete the nutrition, we can add dairy products like milk, yogurt, or cheese on the side. You could see the example of how this meal was arranged on the 5 Food Group Worksheet.

How Does a Balance Meal Plate Look Like?

On one of the 5 Food Groups Worksheets, it could be seen that a balanced meal is when you divide your plate into four sections. But how much to be exact should we put our food on the plate? Here are how balanced meals look like explained by Shelley Vessels.
  1. There should be five food groups on your plate (grain, protein, dairy, fruit, and vegetable)
  2. Fruits and vegetables fill up half of the plate, this means that most of your plate is filled with fresh and natural food ingredients. 
  3. For the grains section, you could put a little more than one-quarter of the plate. 
  4. You should not put heavy protein food more than 12% of your plate,
  5. As for dairy products, do not put too much of them in your meal. This is because dairy mostly contains fat, and as we all know, too much fat is not good for our bodies.

Mistakes in Planning A Balanced Meal Plate

It is of course everyone's dream to serve their family a balanced meal plate. To make that dream come true, you should avoid the mistakes you might do. Mainly, four mistakes are usually encountered when someone starts to arrange a balanced meal plate. First, people tend to oversight proper advance meal planning. Second, some people assume that by planning meals, their food intake would be limited, which is wrong. Third, few people are just hesitant to change. They are not sure whether changing their diet plan would turn their life different or not, but we would never know if we never try, right? The last mistake and this is the most common mistake people would do is the fear of getting failed. There are no other words that are scarier than failure. Nonetheless, every day is a challenge, so gather all your desire and energy, and start your new and healthy life tomorrow!

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