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📆 4 Apr 2022
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French food always makes us want to try it. Let's enrich ourselves with other French food vocabulary through these printable worksheets for French food!

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French Food Worksheets
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French Food Worksheets
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French Food Worksheets
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Free Printable French Worksheets
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Bonjour! Be ready to dominate the world by learning French with these Printable Worksheets for French Foods!

Summary: Learning French is necessary nowadays. The more we study new languages, the merrier it gets. The children can start to learn about French since they are in pre-school by learning about something simple like food. Parents can teach them at home, and the teacher will develop the lesson at school. Learning French can be fun and lively, with so many kinds of simple and easy activities to do!

How to Introduce French to Beginners?

French is on the top five list of the world's most spoken languages, along with English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. Batchelor and Chebli Saadi from Cambridge University stated that French is the official language of 29 independent states. Around fifty-one or fifty-two countries also speak this language. Recent research revealed that approximately 200 million people use french as their first or second language.

Since French is one of the primary languages in the world, children must learn about this language. They can learn Fench in school, but some experts encourage parents to teach it at home. Parents can teach them about the introduction to Fench and some simple vocabulary as starters. The background knowledge will make the French lesson easier when the children start the study in school. Parents can use the Printable Worksheets for French Foods to teach the children at home.

Why do We Need to Learn French?

Learning a new language was never a loss. It will make us gain something new instead. When we pick up a new language, at the same time, it means we open ourselves to a new culture. Hence, it will enrich us. Do not be hesitant to learn something new, and in this case, about learning French. Here are 17 reasons to learn French from The Embassy of France in Wellington:

  1. Studying many foreign languages will increase our opportunities to find well-paid jobs.
  2. French is the only language spoken in all five continents (along with English)
  3. Learning French can be used as a career asset.
  4. Soaking up a new language will enrich us with new cultures.
  5. French will benefits students to gain an opportunity to study abroad.
  6. Mastering French will make your trip to France easier.
  7. French is one of the official languages of international relations like the United Nations, Europe Union, UNESCO, NATO, and more.
  8. French is the language that will open up the world.
  9. Studying French will improve our critical thinking.
  10. French is the language of the Enlightenment.
  11. Learning French is fun.
  12. You can also learn other Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian through learning French.
  13. Learning French in school uses a high standard of teaching.
  14. French is a creative language.
  15. Studying French will give you get so many opportunities.
  16. Learning French can widen your network.
  17. Speaking French will promote linguistic diversity.

What are some French Food Sentence Starters?

Parents and teachers can start the French food lesson with simple words and sentences. Simple phrases that you can teach to young learners such as:

  • C'est vraiment appétissant, which means It looks appetizing.
  • Je me régale, which means I am enjoying it.
  • C’est vraiment, which means It is really good.
  • C’est délicieux, which means It is delicious.
  • C’est un délice, which means It is a delight.
  • le restaurant : restaurant
  • le repas: meal
  • le gouter : snack
  • un citron: lemon or lime.
  • une prune: plum

How to Teach Food in French to Kids?

Jayne Abrate disclosed that using French foods can help students learn a language through a culturally based context. A food-tasting session is one of the suggested strategies for learning French. First, you can place some different kinds of foods. Do not forget to introduce the activity to your children! Second, tell the French vocabulary of each meal, and ask your children to repeat it. Third, taste the meal together, and ask them about the taste of the meal. Fourth, explain the French vocabulary based on what they think about the taste. Always ask your kids to repeat the word after you. Sixth, practice the word with the Printable Worksheets for French Foods. Seventh, always praise your children to encourage them.

What are Fun Ways to Teach French to Kids?

Teachers and parents need to work hard to think of fun activities to teach young learners. You can use games in your lesson to motivate the students and make the lesson fun. Games will help to improve the learners' social skills too. Some games even aid students in boosting their memory capacity and creativity. Word Puzzles also work well in turning the classroom to be more lively. The teacher can use Loop Cards and Matching cards in the French classroom as a learning strategy. The children can use the colourful and fun Printable Worksheets for French Foods to practice their learning. 

What are the Challenges in Teaching French Foods to Kids?

Learning something new will come with a challenge. Learning French is not an exception to those rules. There are four main challenges that people usually find while learning French:

  1. French has a complicated pronunciation.
  2. Mastering the correct accent is quite tough to do.
  3. Be careful of French words that look similar to English but have a different meanings.
  4. The verb conjugations and the French language's many exceptions are difficult to understand.

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