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Introducing our Daily Food Intake Worksheet - a practical and organized tool to help individuals track their nutritional choices and maintain a healthy diet. This worksheet is designed to assist anyone seeking to enhance their eating habits and monitor their daily intake accurately. With clear categorization and a simple format, our Daily Food Intake Worksheet promotes accountability and encourages better decision-making when it comes to food choices. It really helps you to do portion control of your daily menu. Whether you're striving to reach your fitness goals, manage a specific balanced diet, or simply prioritize your overall well-being, this worksheet is an essential entity to incorporate into your routine.

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  1. Food Elimination Diet Diary Template
  2. Printable Daily Food and Exercise Journal
  3. Printable Food Calorie Counter Chart
  4. Food Prep Sheet Template
  5. Intake and Output Flow Sheet
  6. Printable Daily Food Log
  7. Printable Blood Pressure Chart PDF
  8. Food and Fluid Intake Chart
  9. Assisted Living ADL Flow Sheets Printable
  10. Printable Intake and Output Record
  11. Mental Health Medication Worksheets
  12. Sample Intake and Output Chart
  13. Printable Food Log
  14. Intake and Output Record Sheet
  15. Weight Loss Record Sheet Template
  16. Daily Blood Pressure Chart
  17. Diabetes Log Sheet Excel
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Food Elimination Diet Diary Template
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Printable Daily Food and Exercise Journal
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Printable Food Calorie Counter Chart
Pin It!   Printable Food Calorie Counter ChartdownloadDownload PDF

Food Prep Sheet Template
Pin It!   Food Prep Sheet TemplatedownloadDownload PDF

Intake and Output Flow Sheet
Pin It!   Intake and Output Flow SheetdownloadDownload PDF

Printable Daily Food Log
Pin It!   Printable Daily Food LogdownloadDownload PDF

Printable Blood Pressure Chart PDF
Pin It!   Printable Blood Pressure Chart PDFdownloadDownload PDF

Food and Fluid Intake Chart
Pin It!   Food and Fluid Intake ChartdownloadDownload PDF

Assisted Living ADL Flow Sheets Printable
Pin It!   Assisted Living ADL Flow Sheets PrintabledownloadDownload PDF

Printable Intake and Output Record
Pin It!   Printable Intake and Output RecorddownloadDownload PDF

Mental Health Medication Worksheets
Pin It!   Mental Health Medication WorksheetsdownloadDownload PDF

Sample Intake and Output Chart
Pin It!   Sample Intake and Output ChartdownloadDownload PDF

Printable Food Log
Pin It!   Printable Food LogdownloadDownload PDF

Intake and Output Record Sheet
Pin It!   Intake and Output Record SheetdownloadDownload PDF

Weight Loss Record Sheet Template
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Daily Blood Pressure Chart
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Diabetes Log Sheet Excel
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Use our Daily Food Intake Worksheet and get health benefits now!

What is Daily Food Intake?

Food intake is the consumption of food containing protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. This intake must be in accordance with the body's needs. Food intake is important because it provides energy for the body which is useful for growth and life.

You must consume food in the right amount. If food intake is too much, your weight will increase and lead to obesity. The food consumed must also be healthy and nutritionally balanced. Food intake can maintain body functions.

Here, we will discuss daily food intake in more depth, such as what foods are recommended, how to calculate food intake, and how to track daily food intake.

What is The Recommended Daily Food Intake?

Actually, daily food intake recommendations can vary, depending on your goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, you need to consume foods that contain low calories.

Please note that daily food intake is closely related to calorie consumption. So, the food that must be consumed is food with a certain number of calories.

Calories are energy contained in food. The number of calories can be calculated from the portion of food (grams or ounces). So, each type of food has a different number of calories, depending on the portion.

Apart from that, daily food intake is also influenced by the following things.

  • Daily activity: People who often do activities certainly need more food intake.
  • Gender: Gender also affects your total daily food intake. Women and men need different food intake every day.
  • Age: Children and teenagers require less food intake than adults.


See the table below to find out the daily food intake for children, teenagers, and adults based on their age. These values are based on the average number of servings per day.

Types of Food




Vegetables and legumes












Meat, eggs, fish




Milk, yogurt, cheese





How to Track Your Daily Food Intake?

To track your daily food intake, make sure you do the following steps.

  • First, create your goals. For example, your goal is to lose weight. So, you have to choose low-calorie food.
  • Then, write down the food and drinks you consume. You can use the Daily Food Intake Worksheet.
  • After that, track the food you have consumed, when you consumed it, and the portion size of the food. Adjust it to your age and daily activities. You can list your daily calories using the table above or our worksheet.
  • Make a daily meal plan.
  • Next, consume that food menu regularly.

What is the Daily Food Intake Worksheet?

Daily Food Intake Worksheet is a worksheet that presents a food intake table. There are several categories in the table such as food consumption time, food portions, and food groups. The categories available depend on the type of worksheet you are using.

Our food diary really helps you practice a healthy lifestyle, especially for those of you who are on a balanced diet. By using this worksheet, your weight management progress can be tracked more easily and precisely.

Combine this worksheet with dietary guidelines so you can achieve your goal of healthy eating. This worksheet can also be the best tool for calorie tracking.

What are The Benefits of Using Daily Food Intake Worksheet?

  • A daily food intake worksheet can help you track your nutritional goals by allowing you to accurately record and monitor the types and quantities of food you consume, ensuring that you are meeting your required intake of essential nutrients for optimal health and well-being.

  • Using a daily food intake worksheet for weight management can help individuals track their calorie intake and identify areas of their diet that need improvement, enabling them to make healthier food choices and achieve their weight loss goals more effectively.

  • It can help you identify patterns and habits in your eating habits by providing a record of what you are eating each day, allowing you to analyze your choices and make adjustments accordingly. It can help you track the types of food you consume, portion sizes, and meal timings, ultimately giving you a better understanding of your eating habits.

  • It can be a helpful tool to improve portion control and promote mindful eating by providing a visual representation of your food choices and serving sizes, allowing you to track and modify your eating habits more effectively.

  • It can make you more aware of your nutrient intake by prompting you to document and analyze your meals, highlighting any deficiencies or excesses in specific nutrients. This awareness can then help you make healthier choices by allowing you to identify areas where you need to adjust your diet to ensure a more balanced and nutritious intake.

Daily food intake is an important thing that helps your body to stay healthy. Therefore, you must track your daily food intake using the Daily Food Intake Worksheet. The worksheet provides useful nutritional information to help you calculate the total daily calories in the food you consume and create meal planning. Finally, it helps you to achieve a balanced diet with the best results.

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    The printable daily food intake worksheet is a helpful tool for tracking and monitoring your nutritional needs, allowing you to visually organize and analyze your diet for improved health and well-being.

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    The daily food intake worksheet is a practical tool that helps individuals track their meals, making it easier to monitor and make informed decisions about their dietary choices.

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    This Daily Food Intake Worksheet is a practical tool for keeping track of my meals. It's straightforward and helps me make mindful choices about my nutrition without any fuss. Highly recommended!

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    This Daily Food Intake Worksheet is a helpful tool to track and monitor my dietary habits accurately. It allows me to stay organized and make smarter, healthier food choices. Thank you for providing such a practical resource!

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