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Middle school is a crucial time for career exploration and development, and finding the right resources to support this journey can be challenging. That's why we've created a collection of carefully curated worksheets that target this specific age group and their career interests. Our worksheets cover a variety of subjects, from identifying personal strengths and interests to exploring different career paths. With clear instructions and engaging activities, our worksheets are designed to empower middle school students and help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world of work.

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  1. High School Career Planning Worksheet
  2. Idiom Worksheets for Middle Schoolers
  3. Health Worksheets Middle School
  4. Financial Literacy Worksheets Middle School
  5. Career Exploration Printable Worksheets
  6. High School Biology Worksheets
  7. Blank Lesson Plan Template High School
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High School Career Planning Worksheet
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Idiom Worksheets for Middle Schoolers
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Health Worksheets Middle School
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Financial Literacy Worksheets Middle School
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Career Exploration Printable Worksheets
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High School Biology Worksheets
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Blank Lesson Plan Template High School
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Discover your dream career with these Worksheets Middle School Career!

Summary: A career is work that grownups do almost every day in their life. Having a stable career will guarantee us a secure and comfortable life. Introducing students in their early teenagers to a job is essential and part of the learning process. This introduction will prepare the kids to plan their education and career path. Knowing various career paths from a young age will help students map out their future, consider their interests and what education direction they should take. 

What is Career in Simple Terms?

It is the norm in our society to have a career after finishing our education. We could say that having a stable and excellent job is what everyone dreams of after years of studying. It is understandable because an outstanding profession would guarantee a comfortable and secure life. Hence, teachers and parents need to teach and introduce everything related to careers to their students and children. Knowing various career paths from a young age will help students map out their future, consider their interests and what education direction they should take.

A career is a work that grownups do almost every day in their life. They work to get paid to fulfil their daily needs for residence, meals, health, insurance, education, and more. According to the career advisor of Minnesota State College and Universities, someone needs education, training, and work experience to have a career. Although many works based on what they learn in universities or colleges, some also change their route and works based on their interest or personal skill.      

Why Having a Career is Necessary?

"Why should we have a career?" That question might come from your children or students. It is reasonable if they questioned this because many adults also thought about this question. The straightforward answer to this question might be, "Because we will get paid." Of course, it is not a false reply. However, there are many benefits of having a job that we can define. Below are the advantages of having a career:

  • A career will give us an identity.
  • Having a stable career will guarantee us a secure and comfortable life.
  • A job will provide us with guidance and the purpose we want to achieve.
  • Owning an excellent career would define your social status.
  • Meeting many people at work will expand your connections which might be profitable for you later.
  • You could hone your skills or even discover a new ability while working.
  • You might get a bunch of benefits from your office, such as healthcare, life insurance, or retirement plans.

What are the Types of Careers?

There are various jobs that we recognize. For teenagers who started to explore their possible career paths, these varieties might confuse them. The parents and teachers could help them categorize the jobs into several types. Below are the 16 types of careers according to The National Career Clusters Framework:

  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: These careers focus on the production, management, retailing, administration, and development of natural resources.
  2. Architecture and Construction: The careers included in this cluster are focused on planning, building and maintaining the environment manufacture.
  3. Arts, Audio-Visual Technology, and Communications: This category aims at planning, producing, performing, and publishing multimedia substance in the form of crafts or journalism.
  4. Business Management and Administration: People in this career category deal with business operations.
  5. Education and Training: These careers are devoted to providing a service to educate and train people based on the field.
  6. Finance: People in finance careers give services on financial advice related to banking, insurance, and business budgeting.
  7. Government and Public Administration: This category ensures the government system runs while providing service to the citizens.
  8. Health Science: Health Science workers give services related to medication, therapy, disease diagnosis, and health-related research and development.
  9. Hospitality and Tourism: This career category deals with the food chain and recreation business.
  10. Human Services: The employees in this career cluster focused on providing counselling and community or family services.
  11. Information Technology: Programmers, technicians, and web developers are some examples of IT carers.
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security: These careers provide law service and security services.
  13. Manufacturing: Manufacturing workers focused on planning, managing, and maintaining the manufacturing process.
  14. Marketing: Marketing teams help the company to boost their sales.
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Providing research and innovation are the focus of this career category.
  16. Transportation, distribution, and Logistics: The employee of this category aimed to give service related to transport for human movement and distribution of logistics to every corner of the world.

How to Introduce Careers to Early Teenagers?

Introducing students in early teenagers to a career is essential and part of the learning process. This introduction will prepare the kids to plan their education and career path. Many people refer the career introduction as career exploration. Career exploration is a program which allows students to observe possible career paths they might choose. In this program, the students will learn various skills and gain extensive knowledge related to many jobs. The teachers should work together and plan this program in the school. The teachers could invite people from various work fields to give the students direct insight into their expertise. The students can use the Worksheets Middle School Careers to help them know their possibilities.      

How to Help Teenagers Figure Out Their Dream Career?

While doing the career exploration program, you might meet some students who are unsure of their dream careers. The teachers could help the children to figure out their dreams. Ask them about their hobbies and interest, and you could help them to recommend some jobs that are related to them. The teacher could also inspire the students by telling them the notable person from various careers. This process might take a long time, so do not rush the children. Let them think and consider every choice until they find their match.

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