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📆 25 Mar 2022
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Find a free collections of board game template here! You can find snakes and ladders, free game board template, blank game board template, and else. Come and find your suitable board game template for your student here.

Blank Game Board Template
Pin It!   Blank Game Board Template

Blank Game Board Template
Pin It!   Blank Game Board Template

Blank Printable Game Board Templates
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Board Game Worksheets
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Blank Game Board Templates for Teachers
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Blank Printable Game Board Templates
Pin It!   Blank Printable Game Board Templates

Printable Game Board Templates
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Free Games Printable Worksheets
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Blank Keyboard Test
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Blank Printable Game Boards
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Free Printable Tic Tac Toe Game
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Printable Game Board Templates
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Snake Game Board Template
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Snakes and Ladders Template Printable
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Printable Boggle Sheets
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Blank Game Board Template
Pin It!   Blank Game Board Template

Make your quality time with your family more exciting with these Worksheets Blank Game Boards!

Summary: Board game is a popular activity that is loved by children to the elderly. This game has many advantages improving critical thinking, reducing stress, and developing teamwork among the players. Board games can be an effective learning media tool for students in the classroom.

What are Board Games?

A board game is one of the most classic and popular activities that many people love. Tricia Christensen defines a board game as a game played by two or more people on a board. A board game usually consists of a designed board and specific tokens, dice, or cards. Teachers and parents can use the board game for educational purposes to improve the quality of the learning process. Using board games as a media learning tool will make the lesson exciting for the students. Nowadays, you can purchase varieties of board games or download them from the internet for free, like the Worksheets Blank Game Boards!

What is The History of Board Games?

The board game is full of long and meaningful history. Eric Hawkinson explains the history of the board game in his paper. The board game was invented in 3500 BC by the Egyptians, who played a game called Senet. They use a board from an exhumed burial tomb that you can still witness this board today. Ancient board games are the blueprint of today's simulated gameplay. Board games can bring two or more people together without physical contact. Many old board games like Chess, Shogi, and Go require the player to battle with tactics and strategies.

The popularity of the board is soaring, especially after World War II, when many people played board games with their families. After World War II, many board games were favoured, like Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble. There are also board games for children, such as Candyland and Snakes & Ladders. The board game's popularity is rising, especially with the release of Trivial Pursuit in 1980. As time went by, people invented new board games to enjoy.

What are The Most Popular Board Games?

Board games are the best choice if you want a family game where everyone can join. Board games usually have easy-to-follow rules that make them suitable for all family members. If you are confused about which is the most suitable one, you can consider this list of recommended board games:

  1. The Game of Life is a classic yet never a boring choice. This game is relaxing, but you can still reap many moral values.
  2. If you and your family are fans of something thrilling and a splash of mystery, you can try Clue.
  3. Candy Land is a perfect choice if you have children who love something eye-catching and full of colour.
  4. Monopoly is another lifetime classic that never gets old. While playing this game, you can teach your children how to organise money.
  5. Scrabble is a suitable game if you have children who currently learn how to read. This game will improve their vocabulary.

What are The Types of Board Games?

There are so many different types of board games. Here are a few popular kinds of board games:

  1. Engine Building Board Games: This game requires the player to have personal resources they will use throughout the game. Examples of individual resources are cards, tiles, and player boards. The players should be careful when making decisions, gathering resources, and spending resources to win the game.
  2. Deck Building Board Games: The player should build a deck of cards during the game. Every player should construct the cards to get power or money and upgrade their character skills.
  3. Worker Placement Board Games: This game consists of many strategies that require players to play smartly.
  4. Co-Op Board Games: This board game obliges the players to work together to win the game. This game is a great choice for developing children's teamwork.
  5. Social Deduction Board Games: This game makes the participant guess each others' hidden roles.

What are The Benefits of Board Games?

Playing board games is not only fun but also has so many advantages. Bensalem Branch mentions seven benefits of playing board games:

  1. A board game will bring people who played the game get closer.
  2. Playing board games will develop the function of the brain.
  3. You can learn to be patient to reach your goals by playing board games.
  4. You can manage your stress when you play board games.
  5. Playing board games will make you happy.
  6. Doing board games can develop your creativity and self-confidence.
  7. You can play board games easily anywhere and with whoever you want.

What Are The Suitable Board Games for Learning in Classroom?

Board games can be a successful media tool for teachers in the classroom. Almost all lessons can use board games as a media tool. For numerals, the teacher can use Yahtzee, Battleship, Mastermind, Strategy Games, and Sets of board games. English or other languages teachers can use Boogle, Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Bananagrams, Scrabble, and Build a Word board games. Zeus on the Loose and Scrambles States of America is a suitable board game for social studies. Meanwhile, the science teacher can use Laser Maze and The Game of Science for their class. The teacher can also use our Worksheets and Blank Game Boards for the classroom activity.



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