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📆 30 Mar 2022
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Let's study about saddle worksheet! Here you will find the part of western saddle, horse camp worksheet, etc! Don't worry it is free for whatever purpose you use it.

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Know your saddle to be a pro rider with Printable Saddle Worksheets!

What is Saddle?

Cambridge Dictionary defined saddle as a seat on a bicycle or a leather seat on a horse. On this occasion, we will discuss the latter. The saddle is one of the important gears when someone wants to do a horse-riding. A saddle is usually made from leather and placed on the back of the horse. A long time ago, the saddle used to be so simple because it is only made from clothes. As time goes by, the material improved to ensure more secure protection. The saddle is not only important so you can sit comfortably on the horse's back, but also protect both you and the horse. Nowadays, it is so easy to buy a saddle, but you need to keep in mind that choosing the right saddle according to your riding style will improve your quality in horse riding.

What Are The Types of Horse Riding Saddle?

Even though there are many kinds of saddles in the market, mainly there are two types of saddle, English Saddle and Western Saddle. From the commoner's eyes, there might be no seen differences between these two saddles. It is understandable since they both have similar parts and look the same. The differences between these two saddles are their weight, size, and where to use them appropriately.

Western saddles are made to meet the needs of the cowboys. Western saddles are quite heavy and made to evenly distribute the weights on the horse's back. It is also ideal to use for a long ride since it has a deep seat which will make the riders easily rest their feet. Meanwhile, English saddles are focused on giving the horse safety and protection. That is why this saddle is lighter and smaller compared to Western saddles. You can learn more about saddles with our Printable Saddle Worksheets!

What is The Function of the Saddle?

The main function of a saddle is to make sure the riders can sit on top of the horse. Although, there are more functions of saddles than that. Peham explained saddle is broadly utilised through a range of disciplines to help communication, balance, stability, and comfort between the horse and the riderBased on those explanations, we can conclude that the right saddle will give not only the rider but also the horse, security and comfort while they are riding. The saddle will function as a protector and also a communication media between the horse and the rider. Overall, the function of a saddle is to ensure the chemistry between the horse and the rider went along well.

What are The Parts of Saddle?

Before you decided to purchase a saddle, it will be better if you learn about the parts of the saddle. Mainly, horse saddle parts consist of the fork, the cantle, the horn, the skirt, the seat, the gullet, flaps, and knee pads. A fork is the front part of a saddle, it is shaped slightly curved upwards. The fork is also known as pommel (English) and swells (Western). The cantle is part that gives the rider back support. Horn is placed on the top of the fork and used to tie the end of the rope belonging to the horse. The skirt is used to balance the saddle and to distribute the weight evenly on the horseback. The seat is the part of the saddle where the rider sits. A gullet is a tunnel made when the saddle's bars fit the horse's withers. Flaps are used to hold the cinch and to girth in the right place. A saddle can have one single flap or dual flap. You can practice your knowledge about saddle parts by using our Printable Saddle Worksheets.

How to Choose the Right and Appropriate Saddle?

Terry Peiper, a horse trainer said finding the right saddle is crucial. If you want your horses to perform well, you need a saddle that lets them do their job and not disturb their natural movementsChoosing the right saddle can be a tough job, so here are some tips you can try to choose the right saddle for you:

1. You need to make sure that the saddle is centred.
2. Make sure the wither have enough room, so the saddle provides comfort for both the horse and the rider.
3. Pay attention to the angle of the saddle bars. Make sure it matches your horse's shoulder.
4. After you try the saddle for the first time, evaluate whether the saddle is appropriate or not.

How to Maintain Horse Saddle?

Since a horse saddle is one of the most important gears for horse riding, you need to make sure to always take care of it. Many experts suggested that you should get your saddle checked every year to avoid any injuries that might happen later. This is because your horses' physical might change, so they might need an upgrade of the saddle. You also need to clean the saddle regularly, especially every time you are done with the rides. You can use sponges, towels, clothes, brushes, and soap that are made for a saddle. By regularly taking care of the saddle, it means that you also take care of your horse. 



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