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Biology Cell Worksheets
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High School Biology Worksheets Printable
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Biology Worksheets
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College Biology Worksheets
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Biology Cell Worksheets
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High School Biology Worksheets
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High School Biology Worksheets
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Biology Enzyme Worksheet High School
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High School Biology Worksheets
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Marine Biology Worksheets High School
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Cell Organelles and Functions Worksheet
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College Biology Worksheets

Know your surrounding with these Free Printable Biology Worksheet!

Summary: Biology is part of science that studying about living things. Learning biology is essential because it helps us to understand how the human body works and the natural environment around us. Biology also learn about plants (botany), animals (zoology), and microorganisms (microbiology). Teachers can use many strategies and fun activities to increase the effectiveness of biology lessons.

What is Biology?

The word 'biology' comes from the Greek words 'bios', which means life and 'logos', which means study. In conclusion, biology means studying life. Biology is a part of science that focuses on studying life and living organism. This type of science has a large and broad field because of the many kinds of life found on Earth. Learning biology means you are learning about the molecular mechanism in cells to understand the interaction between ecosystems. If you are interested in biology, you will have a chance to explore many fascinating events around you. Biology also has a bright and clear career future. You can be a teacher or lecturer, become a researcher in industry, and even work in the government. The limit is on the sky.

What are The Three Branches of Biology?

There are three major branches of biology, botany, zoology and microbiology. Let's get deep onto the details!

  1. Botany is the branch of biology that studies plants, including their structure, properties, and biochemical process. Botany studies provide the base knowledge of applied sciences like agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.
  2. Zoology is the division of knowledge of biology that focuses on the studies of the members of the animal kingdom and animal behaviour in general. Zoology is a broad field that learns about each animal and its constituent parts and their molecules. It also studies the relationship between the animals, the animals to plants, and animals to nonliving.
  3. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms or microbes. A microorganism is a diverse group of generally simple life forms, including bacteria, archaea, algae, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. These fields focus their study on structures, functions, and classifications of microorganisms.  

What are The Principles of Biology?

There are four base principles of biology. Biologists use these four principles to study any field of biology.

  1. The Cell Theory: Cells are the basic unit of life. The cell theory states that all living things consist of one or more cells.
  2. The Gene Theory: Gene is a segment of DNA that can decode a protein. It is located on the larger structures known as chromosomes inside every cell. The gene theory reveals that genes control every living thing.
  3. Homeostasis: Homeostasis means to maintain a stable internal environment or to keep things constant.
  4. Evolution: Evolution is a theory about living things that change their characteristics over time. 

Why do We Need to Learn Biology?

Biology is one of the most impactful sciences in the world. Students already learn about biology since they were in elementary school. The teacher can use our Free Printable Biology Worksheet to help students practice biology. Mastering the concepts of biology lets the students get a chance to understand how nature's life works around them. Take a look at these benefits of studying biology:

  • Biology is the foundation of many others science fields like pharmacy, genetics, biotechnology, and more.
  • The students can get the experience of learning from direct sources since biology studies humans and everything around them.
  • Biology is the base knowledge for researchers to develop a cure for diseases that endangers human.
  • Biology offers broad career opportunities.
  • Biology helps humans to solve socioeconomic issues.

What Are The Examples of Fun Biology Activities?

A teacher should be creative when they teach to make the students excited about the lesson. Here are some tips to make your biology class exciting for the students:

  • You can use an interactive visual to bring the students' curiosity.
  • Guide the students to learn the biology topic with storylines.
  • Increase the classroom's participation by using polls.
  • Use real-life examples to make the lesson relatable to the students.
  • Apply team-based learning to enhance the student's skills in critical thing and group working.
  • Engage in a fun experiment to improve students' understanding and to give the lesson variations of activities.
  • Make a virtual field trip through movies or videos about nature at the end of class.
  • Practice by using the Free Printable Biology Worksheet.

What are The Study Strategies for Biology?

Learning biology might be a  little overwhelming but do not worry, with the correct learning strategy, you can master it. You can start by making an individual study schedule. You have to ensure that the agenda won't interrupt your formal study schedule. You can also try to make a study group with your friends. That way, you can help each other to understand the topic better. Using our Free Printable Biology Worksheets also can be an alternative. Do not forget to give yourself a break in between your study too. Best hopes for you!

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