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Are you searching for engaging and educational resources to help your students grasp the concept of math? Look no further than our collection of Dice Math Worksheets. With a focus on entities and subjects, these worksheets are designed to make learning fun and interactive for learners of all grade levels. Whether you are a math tutor, math teacher, or even parent, these worksheets are a perfect choice to help you teach basic arithmetic and expand the number sense of your students or children. Additionally, the colorful and adorable designs will charm the young kids and help them boost their learning motivation.

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  1. Dice Addition Worksheets
  2. Addition and Subtraction Dice Game Sheet
  3. Greater than Less than Dice Game Printable
  4. Math Multiplication Games with Dice
  5. Kindergarten Dice Addition Worksheet
  6. Free Touch Math Addition Worksheets
  7. Dice Math Addition Worksheets
  8. Multiplication Dice Game Worksheet
  9. Math Dice Game Worksheet
  10. Subtraction Action Worksheet
  11. Probability with Dice Worksheet
  12. Dice Adding 3 Numbers Worksheet
  13. Largest Smallest Numbers Worksheet
  14. Dice Subtraction Worksheets
14 Images of Dice Math Worksheets
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Dice Addition Worksheets
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Addition and Subtraction Dice Game Sheet
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Greater than Less than Dice Game Printable
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Math Multiplication Games with Dice
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Kindergarten Dice Addition Worksheet
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Free Touch Math Addition Worksheets
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Dice Math Addition Worksheets
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Multiplication Dice Game Worksheet
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Math Dice Game Worksheet
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Subtraction Action Worksheet
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Probability with Dice Worksheet
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Dice Adding 3 Numbers Worksheet
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Largest Smallest Numbers Worksheet
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Dice Subtraction Worksheets
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Learn Math in a fun way with these Dice Math Worksheets!

Summary: Dice is one of the most ancient game elements in human history. Aside from a complement to a play, dice can be a valuable learning medium for improving students' skills in math. These dice games can support the students in developing their number ability, mental sharpness, and fluency in the numerical sense. The teacher can also utilize this strategy to help students enhance their positive manner toward the knowledge of math and allow the students to function in a different way of thinking.

What is Dice?

Based on the Cambridge dictionary, a dice is a small cube with a different number of spots on each side. The number on the side usually ranges from one to six marks. People use this tiny cube to play board games. Dice have existed for a long time, and many games or cultures include dice. Playing with dice is simple. All you have to do is, shake the dice (you can use a container or your hand) and throw them on the surface. The number of spots that appear on the dice is what decides your steps or order that you should do. Nowadays, the shape of the dice started to reform into many kinds: tetrahedron, octahedron, pentagonal trapezohedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

What is the History of Dice?

Dice is one of the oldest gaming appliances in human history. One of the famous origin stories of dice is Sophocles explained that the legendary Greek, Palamedes found ice for the first time around the time of Troy. However, the latest research has found that people played dice earlier than in those eras. Before using the cube, the ancient people used astragal to count oodles to deduce the future. Astragal is the buffalo or sheep's bone ankle with a face marking on the four sides. Years later, people started creating dice from bone and ivory in the Greek and Roman eras. Others use bronze, crystal, onyx, marble, amber, porcelains, and other materials. Researchers found cube-shaped dice in Chinese sites dug from 600 BC and Egyptian tombs in 2000 BC. In the early year of 16th century, mathematical examination used the help of dice to explain some theories.

How to Teach Math with Dice?

Teaching math to young learners is challenging, to say the least. It is not easy to arrange a lesson plan for every topic to get the students excited. The teachers should be creative in planning all the teaching material and strategies for a smooth class. One of the classic ways to help students enjoy the lesson is through simple and exciting games. Debbie Stott mentioned the advantages of using dice games in her research. She wrote that short games, especially the ones that use dice and cards, are accessible and helpful for both the teacher and the young learners. These dice games can support the students in developing their number ability, mental sharpness, and fluency in the numerical sense. The teacher can also utilize this strategy to help students enhance their positive manner toward the knowledge of math and allow the students to function in a different way of thinking. The teacher can use the Dice Math Worksheets to help the children practice their math skills.

What are Math Activities that Use Dice?

Many teachers believe that games are essential in math learning. Games can be the learning medium where the students learn in a fun way. Here are some dice game recommendations that you can use in your classroom:

  1. Build it Big or Build it Small: Give a dice and paper to each student. Instruct the students that they will aim for a larger or smaller number. Then the students will mark their paper to place the amount of the number.
  2. Roll and Round That Number: The students would need a set of dice and a paper or whiteboard. The number of the cube has to match the value position that the teacher has.
  3. Simplify Fractions: Prepare scratch paper and three cubes of dice. Match each roll of the dice to make a ratio.

What is the Necessary to Learn Math?

Many parents and teachers agree that building a motivation to study for their children is strenuous. One thing that adults should remember is not to force the students to learn without understanding the concept of the knowledge. The adults should slowly give the children an understanding of why they should master the schooling or the relation between what they learn and their real life. It is not a smooth road, but parents should support their children's learning progress.

How to Use Dice in Board Games?

Usually, we shake and throw the dice to play with them in a board game. However, that was such an old-style way of using the cube. The teacher can try these different ways to use dice so the students will not get bored. Combine these dice strategies with the Dice Math Worksheets to enhance the effectiveness.

  1. Roll a die and write something down to mark the paper you get.
  2. You can use the dice as a tracking tool.
  3. Stack dice to build a tower as high as possible.
  4. Utilize the dice as a placement of an item.
  5. Create a game with the dice as the collecting resource determiner.
  6. Using the dice for games that occur in real-time.
  7. Create a puzzle with dice in the classroom.



Math’s significance on human daily life is palpable, making it an essential knowledge for people to master. Hence, it is not surprising that many parents start to prepare their children to learn math from a young age. There are various learning strategies and mediums that parents or teachers can use to teach this lesson, one of them is through the Dice Math Worksheets. These worksheets are a suitable medium to help the kids practice their number sense. Using these Dice Math Worksheets will help the students to develop their problem-solving skills and their basic arithmetic skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

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