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📆 1 Jan 1970
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What is the name of the Susan B. Anthony unit for kids?

Today we are sharing a wonderful new Susan B. Anthony for kids unit. Along with coloring pages and a poem, we gave a biography, vocabulary word list, and a coloring page.

ID: 2815387 Language:?

The ID is 2815387. The English school subject is language. The main content is Susan B. Anthony and includes women's rights, Suffrage and more.

What was Susan B. Anthony's work in the women's rights movement?

Susan B. Anthony is best known for her work in the women's rights movement. Children will learn about's childhood, early influences, and her contributions to the women's suffragist movement in this historical heroes activity.

What was Anthony's speech?

Susan b anthony had a worksheet. Anthony delivered variations of this speech several times. Anthony delivered variations of this speech several times. This will be useful in a lesson on important women or the women's rights movement.

How much did the PDF cost?

$3.49. There is a PDF. The packet has comprehension questions and word work for each chapter.

What was the leader of the American womenu2019s suffrage movement?

The Susan B. Anthony Worksheets is due on February 24, 2021. The Susan B. Anthony worksheets are perfect for students to learn about the leader of the American women's suffrage movement. She was a pioneer in the fight for the freedom of slaves.

What is the name of the worksheet for Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony facts and information activity pack and fact file are included. There are 5 activities for students 11-14 years old and 5 activities for students 14-16 years old. Great for home study or classroom use.

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