Supermarket Shopping Worksheets

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What is the name of the shopping interactive worksheets?

The supermarket shopping comprehension is 1467757. There are more interactive shopping activities. The vocabulary is by candetorres79.

What is the present simple practice?

English as a Second Language (ESL), Present Simple, and the present simple practice are all live.

What is the name of the game that students make a die?

There are four activities that you can do at the supermarket, and two true or false.

How many downloads did you get?

1,099 Downloads were downloaded. The grocery store is where I'm going. Cloze to practice vocabulary and speak for grocery shopping. There were 913 downloads. Food is at the store. By silvialefevre This is a group of young students. The students are required to number the pictures.

What is the website where teachers exchange resources?

English Language teachers can exchange resources on the website. Our collection is growing with the help of many teachers. You have to make your own contributions if you want to download.

What is the name of the victor?

Let's go shopping. by victor. Role play. At the store. by sueuk. Listening while shopping. by lorenagarcia In my town. by nuria KET Shopping is listening.

How many activities are there?

There are three activities to do, one to find the words in the wordsearch, two to true or false, and the third to read and complete. 17,399 Downloads were downloaded. Shopping. By kissnetothedit. There is a pictionary on shops. 17,304 Downloads were downloaded. This is my town. By rmartinandres. Skills activity about towns and cities and how to describe them.

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