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Cursive tracing words worksheets are a helpful tool for young learners who are beginning to develop their writing skills and grasp the concept of cursive handwriting. These worksheets are designed to provide a clear and structured format for practicing tracing and forming cursive letters and words.

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  2. Cursive Writing Practice Sheets Printable
  3. Cursive Handwriting Worksheet Template
  4. Write Cursive Letters
  5. Cursive Writing Words Worksheets
  6. 2nd Grade Writing Paper Template
  7. Printable Line Tracing Worksheets
  8. Printable Tracing Words Worksheets
  9. Blank Handwriting Paper Template
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14 Images of Cursive Tracing Words Worksheets
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Cursive Letters Tracing Worksheets
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Cursive Writing Practice Sheets Printable
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Cursive Handwriting Worksheet Template
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Write Cursive Letters
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Cursive Writing Words Worksheets
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2nd Grade Writing Paper Template
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Printable Line Tracing Worksheets
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Printable Tracing Words Worksheets
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Blank Handwriting Paper Template
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Alphabet Tracing Worksheets Letter X
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Kindergarten Sentence Writing Practice Worksheets
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Preschool Number Worksheets 11 15
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Writing Number Words 1 20
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Tracing Name Worksheets Writing
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With a focus on entity and subject, cursive tracing offers a practical and engaging way for children to enhance their penmanship and become confident in writing with basic calligraphy skills.

What Makes Cursive Writing Popular?

Cursive handwriting is a form of writing where the writers connect the letters. It is the opposite style of block letter writing, where each alphabet stands alone. The other name of cursive handwriting is joined-up or script handwriting.

Many people love cursive writing because it is pretty and gives off an elegant nuance. Therefore it makes the popularity of this writing practice is still popular with literacy advocates, and education bloggers besides teachers and parents.

When we write with a cursive alphabet, we do not link all the letters to make a text; however, we fuse the letters to form each word. It is a style of penmanship (skill to write neatly) that can make the text appear flowing.

The writer will add an accent, such as loops and curls, to give an elegant and graceful touch. Cursive writing is one of the ancient writing styles as it has an old and long history behind it. It also has many variations depending on the country and the language.

It used to be a popular writing style, to the point many schools teach their students about it. However, because of the increasing digital medium, the popularity of cursive writing started to decrease. 

How Many Types of Cursive Writings Are There?

There are three most common types of cursive writing: looped, italic, and connected (ligature). Like its name, looped cursive writing uses loops to link the alphabet to each other.

It is the most common type of cursive handwriting. Italic cursive handwriting came from chancery cursive (a writing style from Italy in the Renaissance era). This type of cursive handwriting does not use loops to link the letters.

However, there is a rule to remember, joining the letters g, j, q, y, and some is not advised. Lastly, the connected or ligature cursive handwriting is the original form of cursive script. This style is the swiftest since we do not need to lift the pen while writing. 

To practice how to write the letter combinations, a cursive handwriting worksheet can also be an option to be a guide on how to write it down properly as seen in the combination of letters o and e, u and e, or b and f. Don't forget that practice makes perfect!

How to Learn Cursive Writing for Beginners?

Some schools even include it in their curriculum to teach the students how to write in cursive which also allows students to recall their alphabet fluency as well. Some adults also take an interest in practicing cursive writing, as they view it as a relaxing art activity, which is not wrong.

Learning to write in cursive is an exciting journey and a worthwhile experience. Below are the strategies to teach young students or beginners to practice cursive writing:

  • Ensure the students are already familiar with the block letters. This step will help them to understand what they are going to learn.
  • Introduce the children to the cursive writing concept by showing them examples.
  • Start the cursive handwriting lesson with letter tracing practice.
  • Begin the writing practice with the lowercase letters because of the similar shape to the block alphabet. It will help the children to memorize and familiarize themselves.
  • Guide the young children to fix their technique to produce pretty cursive handwriting.
  • Keep practicing with various kinds of cursive writing worksheets.
  • Support and encourage the children to keep exercising. 


A lined paper template is usually used to write sentences in cursive. Try it out by writing the name first or each letter in multiple tries on one line as seen in the worksheet template.

What is the Importance of Writing in Cursive Style?

In the digital era nowadays, not many children have the skill to write in cursive style. Whereas this skill will bring an abundance of benefits to the students. Suzzan Baruch Asherson from The New York Times summarized some of the cursive writing benefits:

  • Improve the brain's thinking ability development for young children.
  • Boost the linguistic skills of the kids.
  • Strengthen the working memory abilities of the children's brains.
  • Cursive handwriting prompts brain synapses and synchronicity between the left and right areas.
  • Lead the students to improve their comprehension and participation.
  • Writing in cursive can affect the agility of the hands and finger movement (fine motor skill development).
  • Practicing handwriting in cursive style can help the students practice their spelling skills.
  • It supports the children in developing their writing expression and critical thinking ability. 


Thus remarks that handwriting is still needed to reinforce students in the modern era for their penmanship practice and to dive into the world of calligraphy art.

Cursive writing is one of the ancient writing styles as it has an old and long history behind it. It has many benefits, from improving linguistic ability to becoming a relaxing activity. By using the worksheet, students and adults not only enhance their writing skills but also add more practical benefits.

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