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What are computer speakers called?

The parts of a computer can be labeled using the words below. If a computer is attached to a network, it is sometimes called a workstations. A laptop has a screen and keyboard. Draw and label a computer. There are parts of the building.

What is the Sri Mirambika School's computer worksheet?

The Sri Mirambika School has a computer lab. 10. A computer is an electronic device. There is a new date for _____ 11. The keyboard is locked in capital mode. There is a new date for _____ 12. The space between words can be found by using the Enter key. 13 There is a tool box on the right of the screen. There are 14. The keyboard is used to give instructions.

What language does computer programmers translate algorithms into?

A computer needs to do a certain task. The language that a computer can read and follow is translated by them. Code is the language that this is. 2. Hand out the activity to the student.

What is the language used for the Live worksheets?

English live worksheets. There is an introduction to computers. There are advantages and disadvantages to a computer. The person is identified as: ID: 1247283. The language is English. School subject. Computer science. Grade 8. The age is 10. There are advantages and disadvantages.

What is the name of the worksheets that you can use to keep up with the latest blogs?

We have a collection of high-school worksheets on topics such as Fine Arts, Music Technology, Computer Science, Physical Education, World History, Calculus and Physical Science. Stay up to date with the latest from us by following the worksheets on social media.

What is the basic Keyboard Keyboard Key?

The keyboard keys are basic. Kindergarten is a grade. by Tbry. There is a computer puzzle. The grade is grade 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. by susuwal Don't use a computer. The grade is 3. by gabrielagv.

What is the basic skill for high school students to master?

It's important for high school students to know how to save and organize files and where to keep them. Depending on the user, it includes categorizing files into different folders or criteria.

What is the most comprehensive library of printable worksheets & digital games for kids?

The most comprehensive library of games for kids. Thousands of teacher-crafted activities sync up with the school year.

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